Radhekrishna Sath Sangam

mama abhilaasha:

... My wish ...

Celebrate Radhashtami on August 27th, with Chanting and Prayer...


Here is an incident narrating the greatness of Radhika. Once in Dwaraka, Bhagavan Sri Krishna all of a sudden felt ill. Everyone were very much worried. Many doctors attended him, but nobody was able to diagonise the cause or find a solution for that. Then Krishna himself said," There's only one solution for this. If I get the holy dust from the feet of anyone of my bhaktaas and apply it on my body, my illness will be cured immediately." Hearing this, everyone was shocked, Krishna is the lord of the universe. If anyone gives the dust from their feet, then they will be sentenced to hell for many births (janmaas). So nobody came forward in the palace. Radhekrishna!

The news spread across the universe, but everyone was afraid of the after effects. The news reached Vrindavan. Even the Gopis were not ready to give the dust, but once Radhika heard about this, she didnot even think for a second. She immediately took a cloth, collected the dust from underneath her feet, tied a knot and gave it to the guards who had come. She told them to leave as early as possible and give it to Krishna, so that his ailment will be cured. Radhekrishna!

The officials reached Dwaraka and gave it to Krishna. He applied it all over his body and immediately he was cured and he was fine. Meanwhile once the guards left, all the Gopi's asked Radha,"Hey Radhe, don't you know that its a great sin to give the dust from our feet to the universal lord Krishna?" Radhika replied," I know that. But I cannot bear the pain of Krishna.I don't bother about what will happen to me. My first priority is to relieve Krishna from the pain he's going through. After that, even if I am put in hell, I am not bothered at all." Everyone was stunned to hear this reply from Radha. They understood that this is the meaning of true love.

Radhekrishna!This is the greatness of our Radhe. No one can ever match her selfless love for Krishna.Thus Krishna proved the significance of Radhika's true love. If Radhe's holy dust is the medicine for Krishna's pain, then there is no need to say that Radhe's lotus feet is the only remedy for the difficulties of all the souls.Radhekrishna!


Surrendering to the lotus feet of Poojya Shree Shree Amma, to receive the holy dust of Radhikarani's divine feet in all janmas...

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