Radhekrishna Sath Sangam

raadhikaa saundharya

RADHIKA alias Beauty


Nikunjam 1 Nidhi 4 22nd October 2009

Radhekrishna ! With the Divine power of Radhika's Name, you can easily catch hold of the Lord of the Universe. There is not even a small doubt in this. Krishna always enjoys retiring in Radhika Rani's wonderful breast rather than 1000 hooded Adhisesha bed. He is the one and only best shepherd of this universe. Hey Radhika's Lovable friends! last month we have enjoyed the divine thamboola leela with Radhika's grace. This month we are going to enjoy a devotee's divine incident with Radhika's thamboolam. Whatever caste or religion, if you truly believe in Radhikarani, Krishna can be enjoyed ! Yes ! ! ! One muslim Devotee enjoyed Krishna with the strength of Radhika only.

Radhekrishna! The name of the great muslim devotee is "Latheef Sha". Because of Krishna's grace once he got an opportunity to hear Radha Krishna Leela in his place. From that moment he became an ardent devotee of RadhikaKrishna. He left his hometown & relatives and went to Brindhavan. Jai Bolo Brindhavan Dham ki...Jay
Hearing, reading, writing & speaking about Brindhavan itself is a great pleasure. Jai Bolo Vrajvasi ki...Jay... Radhe...Radhe...Shyam Miladhe.....
In Brindhavan he lived in a hut. Once he got a beautiful Portrait of RadheKrishna. He started doing pooja with sandal paste, Floral Garlands, milk, sweets & Thamboolam. He really enjoyed this method of worshipping God rather than Muslim rituals. This is the power of Hinduism-the GURU of all the religions in the world. Jai bolo Hindhu matha ki....Jai

Radhekrishna! Remember one thing! There will be more hindrances for a true bakthi in this world. But the true devotion & devotee will always be safeguarded by Krishna. Many muslims complained about Latheep Sha to the muslim ruler. He went to Latheef Sha's place with some accomplices. At that time Latheef Sha was fully engaged & engrossed in doing pooja to his RadhaKrishna. They entered and laughed at him. But Latheep Sha didn't bother about this. Then the ruler criticized that a true muslim should never do portraits & idol worship. He also said, "God cannot have any form. So there is no point in following these useless rituals! So you better come back to our great islam tradition to avoid being punished by me". Latheef Sha, with a divine smile & stubborn voice replied, "I am unable to get happiness by worshipping the god without form. I am very happy enjoying this divine couple's beauty by meditating & chanting the divine manthra RADHEKRISHNA. Every minute I am filled with joy & sanctity. Even you can enjoy this great pleasure by having an unconditional faith with RadhaKrishna. There is no need of any special ritual to do this. Why don't you try & get blessed by RadhikaKrishna from nowonwards". After this Latheef Sha started chanting loudly "Radhekrishna KrishnaRadhe...". The ruler got angry & challenged Latheef Sha....
Wait till next month.... Till Then chant "Radhekrishna KrishnaRadhe...."

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