Rasika radhikaa

graceful raadhika


Radhe's Lotus Feet

Hey Krishna...You are the lover of Radhe!You have totally given yourself to Radhe!You are always chanting "Radhe Radhe"!Because of Radhika you are the new moon to Brindhavan!You are the saviour of Vrindhavan because of Radhika's love to you!Poor & ignorant orphans are surrendering to you through Radhikarani....So Radhe's Govindha Save us....

raadhe raadhe raadhe raadhe raadhe govindhaa... hey raadhe govindhaa... hey raadhe raadhe govindhaa... hey brindhaavana chandhraa.... Anaatha Naatha Dheena bandho raadhe govindhaa....... {bhajan song }

In the previous month we have seen how the muslim ruler ordered Latheef Sha ! Waiting for bakthas Story is a great gift ! Always be patient to learn more about Prema Bakthi {True Love} ! When you are waiting for a Devotee's Divine History, your mind becomes pure. When your mind is pure, you can easily get Prema Bakthi in your heart. When your heart is filled with Prema Bakthi you will get Gopis' blessings. By Gopis' blessings you will get Radhika's Grace. By Radhika's grace you are becoming a true devotee of KRISHNA. So till date you have received all these by patiently waiting for Latheef Sha's Divine History. Now let us enjoy the remaining part of Latheef Sha's Divine History ! To the surprise of the Muslim ruler and all the people there, the place itself changed to Brindavan for a while. Radhekrishna ! See, there is no need for you to go to Brindhavan to enjoy Radhekrishna! If you become a true Radhika Krishna Devotee, the place where you live will become Brindhavan. Andal, Who lived in Srivilliputhur,Tamilnadu,India, enjoyed her hometown Srivilliputhur itself as Brindhavan. Hail to the true devotion...Radhekrishna... The next moment the muslim ruler & others saw RADHIKA & KRISHNA practically with their own eyes. They saw the beautiful lotus feet of Sri KRISHNA! They saw the golden anklets on His feet. They saw KRISHNA dressed in Peethaambar (Yellow Silk Cloth} & the golden belt studded with gems around His waist. They enjoyed various garlands decorating His shoulders. They felt the fragrance of Thulsi emanate from KRISHNA. They were astonished to see the structure of KRISHNA. They were amazed to see the wonderful,heart throbbing,mesmerising face of KRISHNA. They have never seen such a handsome male in their life. The radiating face of KRISHNA left them dumbstruck in awe. They were stunned by seeing the lotus eyes of KRISHNA.

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